What Are The Dos And Don’ts Of Disposing Computers For Small Businesses?

For small businesses, disposing your computer and other hardware properly could be so challenging seeing as a good number of small businesses don’t usually have a recycle plan in place.

Well, a time will come when you will need to replace or upgrade your hardware which has your customers’ vital information stored on them.  It was pointed out on ReviewsBird.com that you might decide to take the older computers to a least important department, but eventually, the need to dispose of them would arise. This is why it’s important to have a basic knowledge on the do’s and don’ts of disposing of your old computers or how you should dispose PC if need be.

Before then, you might want to know the importance of disposing your computers properly.

·         For The Environment

Computers like other monitors consist of some chemicals which are very harmful. When these disposed computers are being sorted by people looking for scrap metals, they tend to break down some parts which unleash harmful chemicals and heavy metals into the soil, thereby polluting the environment.

·         For Data Privacy And Security

Some improperly disposed hardware holds a lot of sensitive personal information like customer information, financial information, a company’s plan and others. Disposing computers with this amount of information is considered reckless. This is why it’s crucial to wipe out every piece of information before disposing of them in the right way.

However, the following are the Dos and Don’ts of disposing your computers.


·         Backup Files

Firstly, ensure you make a complete backup of all the important information on your computer. You can transfer these sets of information to an external hard drive or store them on the cloud.

·         Overwrite Or Wipe  Hard drive

Reset your computer and completely wipe it clean. Note that wiping it once might not be enough; otherwise the information can still be retrievable. So, ensure you wipe the drive as many times as possible.

·         Properly Dispose System’s Hard Drive

Remove your computer’s internal hard drive and physically destroy it. This would give you an assurance that nobody would access it for any information.

·         Contact Certified Recycler

Contact a certified computer recycling company to help you dispose of your computer. This would put your mind at peace and also eliminate your companies’ liability to any data leak.


·         Don’t dispose your old computer in the thrash

By all means, never dispose of your old computer in the thrash. Never!

·         Avoid Disreputable recyclers

Disreputable recyclers would collect your computers in hope of recycling them, but would end up retrieving those vital pieces of information in your computer for their fraudulent acts. So always use a reputable company when disposing of your old computers and hardware.

Bottom Line

As a business that uses computers for consumer related purposes, the law requires you to follow specific data security and disposal requirements for some customer related information.

However, the best way to dispose of your business computer is through professional recycling and data security services. Unlike anyone else, a professional will have the required systems available to pick and prepare your computer for disposal or recycling. They know ways to permanently destroy or wipe data, and also provide documents against any customer complaint.