Samsung versus iPhone – Who is Winning?

Since the inception of smartphone technology that keeps getting smarter and increasingly well-provisioned every day, there has been an unending war between the two giants of the industry. Samsung – a conglomerate based in Korea – versus Apple Inc – an American technology company. Samsung smartphones have been compared to Apple’s smartphones – iPhones – again and again over time and both companies are still being compared for the functionality, features, and software efficiency that they have been able to leverage till date. While Samsung rules the market and owns over 20% of the market shares – double the ones owned by Apple Inc – there is still a large portion of the market that places iPhone above Samsung in different aspects. Both companies have millions of satisfied and loyal customers, but the profit margin for iPhone is much greater than the profit margin enjoyed by Samsung. 

Coming to the topic of technology provided by both companies in their individual smartphone products, the most striking difference is the one in the software of Android and iOS – Samsung smartphones use Android, while iPhones use iOS. Android is based in Linux and it is partially open source. It is comparatively much more customizable and flexible. On the other hand, iOS has some uniform design elements that – though fixed – are considered more user-friendly and intuitive. While Android is used by most of the mobile manufacturing companies around the world, iOS is limited to iPhones produced by Apple Inc. The touch-based user interfaces of Samsung and iPhone have many common functions including swap, tap, pinch-and-zoom actions, etc. Also, a home screen similar to a computer’s desktop is used by both operating systems used by Samsung and iPhone.  

There are also many other differences that lead to varying user reviews about Samsung and iPhone. Each kind is winning one of the wars – market share and profit margin. While Samsung leads in terms of market share and user base, iPhone enjoys the most profit margin. The reason why many people do not make the switch from Samsung to iPhone is also the price at which the company has been releasing new articles. It does not produce phones that fall into the medium-price range or low-price range – therefore losing a lot of customers who have those requirements. To know more about the user opinion that each kind of smartphone receives, you can check and navigate through different reviews of the buyers of these phones.